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PTFE Coating Service UAE

PMI supplies products according to customer requirements with both in-house and outsourced coating processes.

Coatings performed in-house:

  • ELECTRO ZINC PLATING – (Various Colours) BS EN ISO 2081 – BS 7371 – ASTM B633
  • PTFE – FLUOROCARBON COATING – Xylan 1014 – Xylan 1052 – Xylan 1070 – Xylan 1424 (Various Colours)

Before the plating process is performed, every component is subjected to the following processes:

  • Surface Cleaning – Metal surfaces are cleaned by chemical or thermal degreasing or

Surface Blast – Metal surfaces are blasted with the appropriate abrasive blast medium

Every component that requires PTFE coating is then subjected to a meticulous quality process that includes:

  • Basecoat Application – As per specification, surfaces are coated with either phosphate, sacrificial zinc base coat, stated primer, or Xylar / ceramic metallic base coat.
  • Top-coat Application – All surfaces are sprayed with the desired PTFE – Fluorocarbon to meet manufacturers recommendations on total dry film thickness.
  • Thermal Cure – Parts are thermally cured in controlled ovens to exact manufacturer’s procedures to ensure maximum corrosion protection and adhesion properties are obtained.
  • Verification Testing – On completion of the coating process, all batches are subjected to a thorough testing procedure that includes Cure Test, Adhesion Check, Thickness Check and Pencil Hardness Test. All results are recorded and kept on file. We also record Relative Humidity, Dew Point, Substrate Temperature and Air Temperature.

Here are the main coatings applied to bolting:

  • Electrolytic Zinc plating
  • Bichromate Zinc Yellow
  • Electroless Nickel plating
  • Mechanical zinc plating
  • Chromium Plating
  • Phosphating
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Sherard zinc plating
  • Cadmium
  • Dacromet
  • Molykote
  • PTFE/ Xylan Coating
  • Xylar
  • Copper
  • Zinga
  • Phosphate
  • Black Oxidizing
  • Aluminium

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