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We are well known as a leading manufacturer of fasteners. Our production process is divided into two major categories. Standard bolts as per international industry standards and bespoke bolts made as per customer design and drawings.
We also hot forge fasteners for our clients – from oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, renewable energy and civil construction. Our products are forged and manufactured to meet custom-designed requirements. We are capable of forging from 10mm diameter up to 100mm diameter and lengths up to 6000mm. Our In-house Computer Aided Machining and tools enable us to manufacture specials customized requirements with short lead times.

List of fasteners manufactured and supplied by Precision but not limited to include:

Stud bolt A325 Heavy Hex Bolts Machine Screws, Slotted & Phillips Expansion Bolt Shields Cotter Pins Cap Nuts Flat Washers
Double End Stud Bolts A563 Grade C Heavy Nuts Tapping Sheet Metal Screws Lag Shields Dowel Pins Castle Nuts Lock Washers
Engineering Studs A490 Heavy Hex Bolts Wood Screws Machine Screw Anchors Eye Bolts Coupling Nuts F436 Hardened Structural Washers
Collar Bolts A307B Heavy Hex Bolts Sheeting Screws w/neo  Washers Plastic Anchor Kits Hanger Bolts Flange Nuts Square Washers
Threaded Bars Grade 5 Hex Head Cap screws Self-Drilling Screws Toggle Bolts FRP pads Hex Nuts Round Washers
Round Bars Grade 8 Hex Head Cap screws Drywall Screws Hollow Wall Anchors Piping support Heavy hex nuts Backup Rivet Washers
Tie Rods Hex Head Lag Screws/

Lag bolt

Deck Screws Wedge Anchors Anchor Bolts Knurled Thumb Nuts Belleville Conical Washers
Waisted Studs Carriage Bolts Hex Lag Screws Sleeve Anchors J Bolts Slotted Hex Nuts Dock Washers
Hex Head Bolts Square Head Machine Bolts Socket Cap screw Drop-In Anchors L bolts Square Nuts Fender Washers
Heavy Hex Bolts Timber bolts Socket Head Set Screws Through Bolt POP Rivets Wing Nuts Finishing Cup Washers
Hex Head Setscrews Bonnet bolts Square Head Set Screws Coloured Rivets Spherical Faced Nuts Spherical Washer
Machine bolts Round Head bolts Socket Shoulder Screws Multi-Grip Rivets Nylon Insert Locknuts Bevel Washer
Hex Head Blanks Mushroom Bolts Socket Pipe Plugs Structural Rivets Steel Locknuts/ Thin Nuts Load Indicator washer
Socket Head Cap screws Washer Head bolts Hex Keys Tri-Fold Rivets Tee Nuts Spring Washer
Socket Head Blanks Shoulder bolts Grub Screws Blind Rivets Kep Nuts Taper Washer
12 Point Ferry head Bolt Cup Head bolts Masonry screws U-Bolts Countersunk/ Rivet nuts Tab Washer
T bolts Hook bolts Hammer Head screws U clamps Square weld nuts Nylon washer
Hex Plugs Countersunk bolts Slotted cheese head screws Saddle Clamps Long Nuts Square Washers
Gaskets Slotted Pan Head screws Two Piece clamps Nyloc Domed Cap Nut Washer for Clevis Pins
Headless Set Screws Hex Plugs Lifting Eye Nuts Toothed Washers
Lifting Eye bolts Bow Nuts Brass washers
Tapper Pins PTFE washer
Split Pins High Collar Lock washers
V Anchor Flat Washers

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