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FRP Pad, Roll-on Shield and Sliding Support Distributor UAE


FRP (Fiber-Reinforced-Polymer) Wear Pads: FRP pads also known as non-metallic wear pads are utilized as corrosion protection for uninsulated piping systems. They extend the life expectancy of the pipe. They also eliminate metal to metal contact and electrically isolate the piping from the pipe rack and other metal structural elements.

FRP (Fiber-Reinforced-Polymer) Wear Pads are a cost-effective, durable, and easy-to-install solution for the avoidance of pipe friction damage and corrosion due to contact with other metals.

Our FRP wear pads are available in any thickness, degrees of coverage and length. They are easy to withstand temperatures from -320°F to +400°F.

Sliding Support:

Precision Metal supplies slide bearing plates for applications including support of pipes, heavy equipment’s such as pressure vessels and structural steel members. These plates provide surface with a low coefficient of friction which can be attached to a supporting structure. This arrangement provides support while concurrently allowing an object to slide freely along the supportive surface.


Virgin PTFE sliding on stainless steel. This configuration gives the lowest possible coefficient of friction for unlubricated materials. PTFE is suitable for use at temperatures up to 200°C.

25% glass-filled PTFE on stainless steel. The use of glass-filled PTFE allows higher bearing pressure, so that more compact designs can be used. The coefficient of friction is slightly higher than with virgin PTFE.

Graphite sliding on stainless steel. Graphite is normally used where the sliding surface is at high temperature. It can be used at up to 500°C


  • The simplicity of the bearing design and its ease of fabrication and installation make the unit cost efficient. The costs of a construction can be reduced by designing for expansion rather than strain.
  • Coefficient of friction over the bearing surface remains constant, even under worst case conditions.
  • The bearings are maintenance free – both PTFE and graphite are inherently self-lubricating, while PTFE will absorb small dirt or grit particles. Only simple protection is required against the significant ingress of dirt.

While many slide bearing features such as size and load bearing capacity will be bespoke, we do have a number of typical configurations. See example is below

Configuration Key

  • Reinforced PTFE/Virgin PTFE
  • Polished Stainless Steel Plate
  • Recessed carbon steel plate/ stainless steel plate
  • Existing Substrate

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