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Hex Plug and Square Head Plug Distributor UAE


As a manufacturer we produce practically any product as per customer specification. We also stock a wide range of products in frequently requested sizes, materials and finishes.

Precision Metal is as a leading CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer in UAE. We offer the best cost-effective CNC machining and turning services for varied industries. We can manufacture a wide range of custom products. Our capabilities include CNC machining, threading, bending, forging, drilling, and welding.

Our products cover Metal & Plastic Precision CNC Turned Parts, CNC Lathe Parts for Electronics, CNC Machined Components, Automotive, Mechanical, Aerospace, Medical, Military, Oil and gas Industry.

With our extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities, we can produce standard and special bolts and fasteners to suit customer-specific requirements. Our turning and milling capabilities permit us to manufacture quality precision CNC machined components for any industry.

Employing the latest heating technology, we are capable of forging from 10mm diameter up to 100mm diameter and lengths up to 6000mm.  We offer all types of CNC machined components including screws, couplings fittings, flanges, inserts, shafts, nuts, rivets, studs, knurled, and many other products.

Fastener Types: At Precision Metal, precision fasteners are fabricated in the following types:

  • Panel
  • Castle
  • Square
  • Thumb
  • Hex
  • Round
  • Knurled

Fastener Drive Types: Selection of drive types include:

  • Phillips
  • Hex
  • Slotted
  • Socket
  • Square
  • Torx
  • Truss

We also provide a blend of head types encompassing hex, flat, fillister, pan, round,  socket, square, indented hex, button, and headless.

Fastener Thread Types: Fasteners are available in several types of threading including:

  • ACME
  • Machine
  • NPT
  • UNC
  • UNF

We design, conceive and manufacture special elements according to drawing and specifications such as:

Plugs: Hex Head Plugs are used to plug threaded pipes. The pipe plug is threaded in the end and the cover or the top of the plug takes a hexagon /Square shape. The hex plugs are considered an easy and cost-effective way to plug your pipe.

The basic purpose is to stop the flow. These pipe plugs are made of various materials, often plated with chrome or nickel for a superior finish and better resistance to corrosion. They are available in various sizes, depending on the size of the pipe in which it is to be fixed.

At Precision Metal we manufacture any design and any type of plugs such as Hex plug, Tapered plug, square head plugs in sizes from 1/8″ to 4″and the corresponding gasket/washers for these plugs.

Pins Shafts: Pins are an unthreaded mechanical fastener, which are designed to be inserted through preformed holes.  Our Niche is manufacturing pins of large diameters.  Pins are produced with cross drilling, cross milling and/or hardened and ground.  Shafts can be constructed out of brass, stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminium, aircraft aluminium and plastics such as PTFE, nylon, delrin and nylatron.

CNC machined components: Through CNC machining and turning services we also make Couplings, Tapered Inserts, cross Milled and drilled Shafts, Barbed Fittings, Blind Flange, Custom Machine bolts, Knurled bolts, T bolts, Machined Bushings, Knurled bushings, Flange bushings, Sleeve bushings, Threaded bushings, Tube couplings, Custom machined fittings, Thru Hole Inserts and Custom Machined Inserts.

As we manufacture these components through hot forging and thread rolling, we propose you innovative solutions allowing you :

  • Reduction of total machining time
  • Material savings (no removal of material)
  • Improvement of mechanical properties (continuous fibre course)
  • Thinner grain (metal structure)
  • One-piece component

CNC machined parts are made across below material Types:

  • Carbon & Alloy
  • Super Alloys
  • Stainless Steel
  • Duplex
  • Non-Ferrous


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